Breaking News: A tiger slipped on a banana peel this morning while taking part in what appears to be a zoo piggyback race. While slipping on the peel, the tiger riding piggyback was flung from its rider out onto the race pathway. Neither of the tigers in the incident were hurt, however the incident did put them out of contention for the race and the coveted piggyback trophy. Race officials suspect foul play and are investigating how the banana peel came to be on the race path. Witnesses have been questioned and some insiders have reported the possible involvement of a certain monkey. However at this early date that is pure here-say and is yet to be confirmed.

Race observers have stated that a number of other exciting incidents have also occurred during The Zoo’s Annual Piggyback Race. However none of the animals involved have ben injured. In fact they have all just celebrated after the event. Unfortunately for legal reasons the winner of the race has distinctly asked not to be publicly named, nevertheless the race book does reveal all information.

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